ask the doctor
ask the doctor
Hello. My name is Dr. Kramer.

Since qualifying as an American Board Certified Physician in 1987, it has always amazed me how often when meeting someone new in a social situation they will ask me a medical question.

Often it's a question that's been in the back of their mind for a while... or else it's a question they forgot to ask the physician on their last visit... or it's a question they didn't think important enough to ask their physician... or a question they were too embarrassed or afraid to ask.

Having been involved for several years with information storage and presentation on the Internet, I figured what better way to provide this information than through the web.

Now, no medical diagnosis can be made completely without a physical examination, therefore this website is purely for entertainment purposes. If you have a medical complaint that concerns you please consult a physician in person.

But, I do commit to provide the best possible answers to medical questions in a language that the everyday person can understand.

I was trained under the adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

In order to provide you my highest quality, lowest priced assistance, I am charging $25.00 an email.

Stay in good health,
Dr. Gary Kramer, M.D.

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Always start with how they started.
If anything happened before it started mention that.
How long you have had the symptoms.
If you have a pain, use one finger to point exactly where it is, and describe it in relation to something such as the rib cage. E.g. Below the rib cage in my upper right hand quadrant.
Note when using left or right it's your left or right, not the left or right of someone you're looking at.
Describe the type of pain.
Mention other symptoms if you have any E.g. fever, muscle pain, coughing etc.
If you have no other symptoms mention that too.
If there is a family history of the condition mention it.
If you are on any type of drug or medication, mention that too.
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